First Date: 5 Mistakes to Avoid | Amolatina Review 2022

There are silly Mistakes to Avoid that can ruin everything on a first date. Details to which we do not pay enough attention, or behaviors that we adopt to please him and which very often have the opposite effect. Top 5 behaviors to avoid.

Arrive (too) late – Mistakes to Avoid

Yes, ladies, you have often been suggested to arrive a little late on a date, just to make you desire. But when we say “a little” late, we are talking about five or even ten minutes… Arriving 45 minutes late can, on DilMil the other hand, be interpreted as a lack of good manners. A very bad first impression that you may find it very difficult to forget.

Eat too little

Anxious to make a good impression, women tend to peck like little sparrows during first romantic dates. Yet, contrary to popular belief, men are not necessarily fans of diet addicts and other compulsive salad eaters. Without devouring a burger in three minutes, do not hesitate to eat your fill and order what you like. He will appreciate the “good living” side and will feel less alone in front of his steak…

Talking about your exes – Mistakes to Avoid

We’ve all done it… Talking about your romantic past and your exes on a first date can be very tempting to fill the conversation : big mistake that could at best turn against you one day “T’ you cheated on your ex Antoine, you could do it again with me, right? “, at worst frighten him to the point of scaring him away (“She seems to still be in love with her ex…”). In short, very bad idea.

First Date: 5 Mistakes to Avoid | Amolatina Review 2022

Talk too much – Mistakes to Avoid

It is often in reaction to stress and the fear of not being up to the task that we make this mistake… Out of nervousness, we start talking, talking, talking, often about ourselves moreover, and suddenly , we pass for a compulsive and egocentric chatterbox. We remind you that the first date is an opportunity to get to know each other better , that is to say, one and the other. Even if you’re stressed, take the time to listen instead of talking to yourself and/or interrupting her all the time. And don’t forget to ask him about him to show your interest.

Play a role – Mistakes to Avoid

Once again, it is very often due to a lack of self-confidence that we make this big mistake. We invent “refined” tastes, an armada of diplomas, famous friends… all that to please him. Needless to say that it won’t be able to work for long and that he will end up unmasking you DilMil.Co(before taking to his heels…). Be yourself, it’s about pleasing him just the way you are, and you’re definitely a great girl. Have confidence in yourself!

Few lovers know it, but in addition to being very pleasant, a kiss has miraculous virtues. Here are 5 good reasons to kiss more often!

It’s good for the line

This should delight scale addicts! The longer and languorous a kiss, the more… it makes you lose weight! According to several studies, we would lose, by kissing, two to three calories per minute. In his book “1001 little things you didn’t know about sexuality”, Alain Gaudrey says that a good one-minute French kiss would be as effective as running a 500 meters. There are even kissing marathons…

It rejuvenates

Kissing, better than an anti-aging cream? In any case, this is what some researchers say, claiming that a kiss tones the muscles of the face and firms the epidermis of the cheeks. The kiss would indeed mobilize no less than 31 muscles: 12 muscles of the lips and 19 of the tongue. Come on, ladies, to stay young and beautiful, you know what you have to do!

It’s a stress reliever

What better way to relax and forget about your problems than a good, languorous kiss? Kissing releases endorphins, the feel-good hormone, but also oxytocin, a hormone that slows heart rate and lowers blood pressure. So many good reasons to get a kick out of it, do you want some here…

It makes you more in love

The more we kiss… the more we love each other! In addition to reducing stress, the oxytocin or “social bond hormone” released during a kiss, promotes rapprochement between beings.

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It fills in the blanks

At the start of a relationship, awkward moments of silence are not uncommon. To fill them, many lovers would give in to the temptation of kissing, just to start again! It must be admitted that there is worse as torture…

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