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Do you want to take the plunge and languorously How to Kiss Well the chosen one of your heart? Here are our 5 tips for a successful kiss for sure!

How to Kiss: Choose The Right Moment

Ahhh the sweetness of a kiss… The pleasant feel of each other’s lips against ours, the start of a wordless dialogue and the promise of future hugs… Kissing someone is one of the most pleasurable things in life. world. As for the first kiss with a new person, it’s a magical moment, a meeting SharekAlomre between two souls. It’s an invitation to more sensuality but also… the opportunity to take a wind if the chemistry has not location !

So to kiss well , you must first be attentive to the signs:

  • Analyze the body language of the person you want to kiss . The way he or she smiles, the intensity of his gaze… These are two very good parameters that will tell you whether you can go for it or not.
  • physical closeness . Adapt to the situation. If you are face to face, you can try a first approach by brushing the other’s hand and see if he shakes it back… If you are side by side, you can gradually approach… and let the law of attraction operate.

The pillars of a good kiss are complicity, envy and reciprocity. So do not put excessive pressure on yourself: the key to a kiss that throws comes mainly from the fact that both people are fully into it. It’s not all about you.

Small obvious detail to avoid any disappointment: remember to have a pleasant breath. No need to frantically swallow several chewing gums before trying an approach, but avoid onions, garlic or herbs before you start!

How to Kiss Well: 5 Essential Tips | Amolatina Review

Take It Easy

Even if the long fiery kisses have their charm as much, to begin, prefer tender and less intense kisses. You can quickly change the pace if you feel like it!

Do you feel like it’s the right time to kiss her ? Plant your eyes in those of the being who makes you vibrate and gently approach your face to his lips. Gently lay them on his and enjoy. You can start by caressing them, rubbing them from right to left, then squeezing them for a first kiss, then a second… It’s up to you whether you stop to look at it again or if you continue, possibly with your tongue.

Good kissing does not only rest on the lips, it is your whole body which thus expresses its desire, its attraction, its need for connection. You can embellish your kiss with a hand in the hair, on the thigh or caresses on the neck.

Be attentive to the other when you kiss him, to his desires SharekAlomre.Com and adapt accordingly. Two beings embracing each other is a bit like a ballet, a dance that builds as it goes along, where neither of the two participants masters everything, but together they create a suspended and unique moment.

Trusting Each Other

First of all, know that there is no bad “kisser”. There are only people disconnected from the present moment, or having an experience with someone who does not suit them. So if the other person doesn’t like your way of kissing , just say that your lips are for someone else, and that’s fine.

To gain confidence and kiss in the best way for you, here are some tips:

  • Listen to your senses : do you get goosebumps when he or she touches you? Does its smell captivate you? Are her lips and skin soft? How do you feel when the contact takes place?
  • Be yourself: like in bed, there’s no need to start doing things that don’t look like you, just because you think that’s the way to do it. There is no magic recipe, only you know the ingredients for the perfect kiss for you and your partner.
  • Suggest, rather than give it all away : in general, simply being titillated has the effect of increasing excitement and the desire to know or have more. Don’t shower the other with kisses right from the start. Save some for later ?

Kiss: Tongue or No Tongue?

This is THE big question that many people ask themselves: should we immediately slip our tongue into the other’s mouth and how to go about it? How not to be too intrusive without coming across as too wise?

At first, go gradually: start by sticking your tongue out a little and see if the other’s tongue comes up too. Test, bring her in a bit more, then see if the other person likes it. Maybe you’ll end up rolling a big skate or prefer to stick with more classic kisses. The only way to assess what pleases you both is to try the experience!

Start Again!

As in many areas, the best way to improve is to practice kissing ! So do not deprive yourself of kissing the other, once the trust has been established. It’s delicious, isn’t it?

You can also kiss other parts of her face: the corners of her lips, her cheekbones, her earlobes, and even the rest of her body. There is no limit to kisses, only those you give yourself!


For this, dialogue is essential. Ask the other what he or she likes, how he or she feels when you kiss him or her in some way. This is the key to a successful kiss.

Finally, explore! There are as many possible kisses as there are people. Bite, lick, brush… In two words: have fun! Life is too short not to venture where you want to go.

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