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Why you should use Bangalore high-end escorts who don’t give oral without condoms?

Avoid engaging in oral sex without a condom. We previously informed you about a number of mixed to unfavorable web reviews that were recently posted about upscale escort services by a person who wasn’t actually using our services. This is a hoax review aiming to harm our stellar reputation. The client responses were uplifting and some clients even found it to be incredible a well-meaning person entered the internet conversations and defended us.

We have looked more closely at a number of online forums as an inquiry into the source of the online comments and reviews is currently in progress. Sadly, we once again hear people talking about unprotected oral sex (OWO). As you are aware, high-class escorts in Bangalore exclusively engage in safe sex, which entails the use of a condom even during oral sex. In this blog, we go into greater information about this.

Safe sexual behavior is required by law in our authorized escort service

Licensed and entirely legal, Service provides high-end escorting services. This implies that more than ever, we must abide by the relevant laws and rules. The fact that our escorts only provide safe sex is a crucial requirement for obtaining and keeping a license for high-end escort services. Therefore, engaging in unsafe (oral) intercourse or even requesting it is prohibited. We don’t want our escorts to run a health hazard

Contrary to popular assumption, engaging in oral intercourse without a condom is not fully risk-free. By the way, the topic at hand is a “blowjob,” or oral sex on a male. During raw sex, there are highly possible chances for both parties to get an STD. Chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea pose the greatest risks of all. Both the recipient and the giver are protected from this by the condom. We don’t want to put you or your health at risk, and neither do our escorts. Many clients do not employ our escort service with their usual companion, therefore we can

Why you should use Bangalore high-end escorts who don't give oral without condoms?

Imagine that taking this risk would not be prudent for them:

Are you going to choose us as your service of escorts?

If the availability of any specific sexual act—or even oral sex without a condom—is all that determines how much pleasure you get from a booking, then we as an escort service are definitely not the best option for you. Even though bookings frequently include sexiness and closeness. Equally significant are the social and mental aspects. Because of the sincere connection you build, we don’t just provide sexual services; instead, we provide a unique intimate encounter in which many different elements come together. It’s a good idea to make other arrangements if you think an escort can never be a decent escort or doesn’t offer oral sex without a condom. In that case, making a reservation with them would be equivalent to having a hot dog at a restaurant with a Michelin star.

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Without a condom, our escorts are unwilling to engage in oral sex at all.

Last but not least, our elite escorts do not wish to engage in oral sex without the use of a condom at all. One of the escort’s top 10 turnoffs is the desire for oral sex without the use of a condom. We asked further questions with call girls after reading the web remarks. They all express a desire to avoid engaging in unprotected oral sex during a booking. This is due to a number of factors, including our escorts’ health and other factors. Furthermore, even if there is an additional money reward, they won’t change their minds. Giving a tip in return for unprotected oral sex is actually viewed as insulting.

Of course, there are escort services where oral sex is occasionally provided without a condom, and we occasionally hear about them in the hallways. Perhaps even with the help of escort service. But we never learned that the escort changed her mind after repeatedly requesting oral sex without using a condom or offering additional payment. Therefore, don’t waste your time on them and spare yourself the embarrassment.

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