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.In a previous article, talking about femininity , we touched on the topic of the tone of communication with A Foreign Gentleman. Today we would like to dwell on this issue in more detail.

We do not get tired of talking about what is important in dating through. The Internet, in dating foreigners is the impression, the image of a woman formed by a man. The impression that a woman makes on her new foreign cavalier largely depends on. The tone of her letters, her communication with him.

How does the tone of communication affect acquaintance with a foreigner?

The tone that a woman, consciously or not, has chosen to communicate with a foreign gentleman can confirm or refute. The impression, the effect that her photographs and a detail questionnaire fill out on an international dating site made on him. Often, due to daily problems, bad mood or disappointment. We do not consciously choose the wrong style of communication with others.

The tone and subjects of the letters, the questions ask, can tell the foreigner whether the lady is interest in continuing to communicate with him. Reveal her intentions towards him, or reflect a complete lack of interest in him as a person.


The tone of communication with a foreign man can be: A Foreign Gentleman

  • Friendly, joyful, sincere. This implies an interesting and detailed story about yourself, about your interests and goals, an interest in a man’s life, in his opinion. The topics chosen for the conversation evoke positive emotions.
  • Indifferent, cold, arrogant or even rude, bordering on aggressiveness. Indifference, coldness and arrogance are short telegram letters, a monotonous enumeration of biography facts, an underlined lack of interest in a man and his life (there are no questions or reactions in the letters to what the foreigner wrote about earlier). Topics for conversation are exclusively negative: betrayal, distrust, financial problems, and so on. Rudeness and aggressiveness is the lack of greeting and other polite forms of communication; attitude towards a man as an enemy; imperative tone – the questions asked resemble orders to action; open distrust; incorrect choice of expressions. We have already written that most foreigners would like to meet a sensitive, tactful and feminine woman from Eastern Europe. Not every man com wants to build a relationship with a laconic general who gives orders. We consider this style of communication with a foreign gentleman to be incorrect. It can only lead to a passing acquaintance, a short exchange of letters and disappointment.

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Our wishes to charming ladies who are interested in meeting an interesting foreigner

When communicating with each new foreign acquaintance, pay attention to the tone in which your messages are composed. It is very easy to “overlook” or unconsciously. Due to life circumstances (failures or bad mood), choose the wrong, unattractive tone of communication. Thus, by rereading and analyzing your letters, you will be able to understand what impression you make on a man.

If you would like to be surrounde by tactful, polite, open and sincere people, be the same in dealing with other people. Leave other people, after communicating with you, filled with positive emotions, “enriched” with your warmth. As Victor Hugo wrote: “in the inner world of man, kindness is the sun .

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